Dead Mans Hand Pomade

Dead Mans Hand Pomade

About This Product:

Founder of Dead Mans Hand, Wolfgang Mustain, whose passion for American Bourbon Whiskey began years ago while stumbling along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky with friends. It struck him while growing out his own beard, why not produce an assortment of men’s grooming products produced with the love and passion inspired by this American Tradition.  In addition to the pleasant bourbon long lasting rich aroma is tobacco spice, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood.  All expertly blended for even the most discriminating gentleman.

What is a Pomade:

Pomades were first introduced in the 18th century. Aristocracy in Europe used bear fat and the trend soon spread around the world. The 1930s pushed pomade into the forefront of hair styling. The main ingredient switched from bear fat to petroleum, lard or beeswax, and pomade was manufactured for the masses. Movie stars like Clarke Gable and Carey Grant were illustrated hair precision with bold strong looks, never a hair out of place thanks to their pomade.

For everyday hair emphasis, pomade is the hairstyling product for you. Combing a 1950's hard part isn't the only the only use, styling and improved ingredients make pomades more versatile.  Hair pomade is a waxy thick product that molds the hair into place. Pomades are formulated to allow your hair to withstand long days and still look amazing. Hair pomades generally won't have a firm hold but will allow you to reshape your hair. 

Pomade, applied to your hair,  doesn’t dry out. Hair pomade will hold your style and give your hair a soft manageable feel.  Hair Pomade is the go-to hair styling product for many people today.  Even though pomades traditionally center around men's products, female use is on the upturn.  Hair styles have gotten shorter along with lighter playful styles.  

Our Pomade:

Dead Mans Hand Pomade is the ultimate men’s barbershop classic. It offers a natural shine and medium hold without flaking.  This hair pomade is suitable for almost every hair type and ensures a tight hold of your chosen style throughout the entire day.  Backed up by our rich aroma of Bourbon, Cognac, Vanilla, Tobacco Spice, and Sandalwood Scent; your hair couldn't be in better hands.


Apply a small amount to the palms of your hands, spread evenly through dry or damp hair. Style with comb or brush; it's that easy.

Available in 2oz metal tins