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About Us

Peter Häntz Personal Hair Products

Peter Häntz personal hair products has been the leading name in Permanent Waving Technology for more than forty years.

Along with this technology, other great personal hair products have been developed to style, maintain and repair the health of all hair types.

The hair industry has changed but has kept its overall path; provide individuals the means to look and feel great whether coming from the salon or their home. This change has allowed us to be more innovate and listen to what people need. Peter Häntz personal hair products are evolving to incorporate those needs by using new technologies to put the different product in their hands and the flexibility to use it in more unique ways.  We are creating new products & packaging giving it a more customizable feel that appeals to all ages. Our new personal hair products utilize the finest ingredients to preserve your overall hair’s health and look.

There is still more to come and if history has shown us anything is that what we dare to dream we dare to do. Continually changing will mean success for the industry as a whole but will also empower each to create their own unique style and look. Strive to express, strive to be unique but most importantly strive to create who you are.

Peter Häntz’ Products are professionally made for both salon and private use. They have been manufactured in Tempe, Arizona for over 20 years.

Peter Häntz’ personal hair products are derived from the concept of professional use and formulated to be used on all hair types. They provide beneficial conditioners to scalp and hair, boost health, brilliance and defining styling ability for all types of hair.

Used properly and on a consistent basis Peter Häntz’ personal hair products will revitalize and replenish the hair and scalp. When the hair is healthy looking it’s fuller, noticeably radiant, and ready-to-style.

Hair products aren’t just for women and because of that our personal hair products are suitable for men as well.  The difference between good hair and bad hair is how you style it.  Every product has its own unique way of molding your hair into the desired look; get to know your hair and learn what works best for it