Dead Mans Hand Beard Balm


Dead Mans Hand Beard Balm

About the Product:

Founder Wolfgang Mustain, whose passion for American Bourbon Whiskey began years ago while stumbling along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky with friends. It struck him while growing out his own beard, why not produce an assortment of men’s grooming products produced with the love and passion inspired by this American Tradition.  In addition to the pleasant bourbon aroma is tobacco spice, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood.  All expertly blended for even the most discriminating gentleman.

Today's marketplace shows an over saturation of beard products for every type of beards.  Each product boasts growth, thickness, and manageability with its products. Although the results seem similar when used, each products is different in its philosophy of beard care.  Because of that, knowing what products to use on your beard can be a daunting task. Traditional beard oils work great for some and can vary in results.  Most like these products but others find the additional oil being to much for everyday use. 

Balms are the next step in the process.  Balms have a higher viscosity than oils, meaning a solid product that usual comes out of a tin or jar.  Because it's thicker more time will be needed to melt the balm and release moisture over the course of the day.  Balms also help to mold the look of beards.  Stray hairs and bald spots can be combed through with the balm acting as a styling product.

Dead Mans Hand Beard Balm is a great product for men with a medium to large sized beard. It gives a more nourishing and longer-lasting moisturizing while helping to keep beards looking neat and trimmed. Beard balms have a soft consistency and used to soften the facial hair.  Beard balms also hydrate the skin promoting a healthy growth!  Because most of the balms use a moisturizer there is less of beards itching or dandruff.  American made with 100% pure and natural ingredients that will leave your hair, beard or skin healthy and hydrated with a subtle masculine scent.


Beard balm formulation includes coconut, jojoba, sunflower, grape and shea butter.  This blend makes applying the balm easier since it melts in your palms and goes on evenly without clumping.  You will enjoy our rich aroma with hits of Bourbon, Cognac, Tobacco Spice, Vanilla and Sandalwood scent

Available in 2oz black tin.

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