Dead Mans Hand Body Wash

Dead Man's Hand Body Wash

About This Product:

Founder Wolfgang Mustain, whose passion for American Bourbon Whiskey began years ago while stumbling along the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky with friends. It struck him, while growing out his own beard, why not produce an assortment of men’s grooming products produced with the love and passion inspired by this American Tradition.  In addition to the pleasant bourbon aroma is tobacco spice, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood.  All expertly blended for even the most discriminating gentleman.

Using the same body wash from high school?  Maybe you’re more of the traditional bar soap guy. Maybe you don’t think what kind of body wash you use matters.  Because we sweat all day, dirt and grime sticks to the skin.  Certain types of soaps can dry the skin and create irritation.  To combat this, look for gentle body washes that will clean the skin, but also condition it.  Your skin needs as much moisture as it can to help it stay health and heal faster.  Proper grooming standards can make all the difference. With proper skin care and maintenance your skin will remain looking younger for longer.

Now that we’ve seen a huge emphasis forming on personal protection, washing of the hands has more traction than ever.  By why should it stop it there?  What we put on our bodies matters since we all have different body chemistries.  Each product we use is formulated to help either a certain skin demographic or be a more widely used item.  Along with soap the use of a good scrubbing device can make the difference.  Find something gentle enough for your skin type and if its a scouring device only use a few times a week. 

Our Body Wash:

Dead Man's Hand Body Wash provides thick, rich lather with a masculine scent of our world famous fragrance (Bourbon, Cognac, Vanilla, Tobacco Spice, Sandalwood Scent). The soap is great for any part of the body making it your go-to wash. 


Our rich formulation makes it easy to get clean from head to toe. The wash removes sweat, odor and dirt from body, face and hair, leaving you with a rich aroma and clean feeling.  Use an ample amount by pouring into the center of the hand/cloth.  Turn up the heat on the water (what you can comfortable stand) and let the aroma surround you.

Available Size: 10oz bottle

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