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Fall 24oz Shampoo & Conditioner Sale

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Basis Replenishing Shampoo

About This Product

Basis Replenishing Shampoo nourishes damaged and dry hair.  Its ability to hydrate through rich lather replenishes your hair's natural moisture while leaving your hair looking more vibrant.  Basis is a perfect daily shampoo and when paired with Recouvrer Protein Conditioner, your hair will have more body and a thicker feel.


Endurance Conditioning Treatment

About This Product

What does condition mean? Well, Endurance Conditioning Treatment acts as your hair's instant source of moisture hydration. This moisture hydration helps to soften the hair and hydrate the hair follicles which conditions the hair. Endurance Conditioning Treatment is formulated using a complex base of natural botanical herb proteins which penetrate the inner hair which makes it great for daily use since it continues to strengthen the hair.

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