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Recouvrer Protein Conditioner


Recouvrér Protein Conditioner

About Product:

Whenever clients face dissimilar hair issues, the first instinct is to suggest moisturization, whether with hair conditioners or masks. Protein hair treatments, however, also have their place in treating damaged hair. Recouvrér Protein Conditioner has a formulation to strengthen your hair. We use ingredients like amino acids and hair proteins, similar to keratin, to give hair a healthier look.  So, we use a highly concentrated protein formulation that rebuilds damaged hair. The process starts at the follicles and reduces the chances of losing healthy hair.  Many conditioners on the market are daily use. Each conditioner boasts healthier looking hair with a formulation of healthy hair enzymes.

Recouvrér Protein Conditioner can be used several times a week.  When paired with Basis Shampoo, the hair begins to become fuller and more manageable.  In addition to healthier hair you will love the rich aroma and silky feeling.


Pump twice into your palms and begin rubbing through the hair. After that, begin at the scalp and work through the hair.  The hair must be thoroughly rinsed out. In other words, rinse till your feels squeaky clean.  There are many reasons to take your time and allow the healthy enzymes to work on the hair.  Above all, proper technique will ensure maximum coverage to the hair.  Since the process requires the hair to be thoroughly rinsed, the use of a secondary conditioner maybe needed.  Pro-Phusion will allow the hair to retain moisture and manageability. Simply add to the hair after drying.

Available in 24oz and 10oz