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Wave Concentrated Off-Road Wash

Wave Concentrated Off-Road Wash

About this Product:

Understanding the reason for the Jeep Wave isn't difficult to figure out.  Each and every jeeper is responsible for upholding the tradition of the wave.  It's a sign of respect that you hold for your jeep and those that drive the jeep.  So why not add to that tradition and ensure your jeep stands out among its peers.  Once play time is over you will want to remove that muddy badge of honor and allow, one again, your jeep to shine through.  Our soap is concentrated enough to assist in the breakdown of mud and dirt, which allows for an easier cleaning experience.  We have the technology to make your jeep seem faster, stronger and able to climb a rock in a single attempt....or three.

Direction for Use:

Start off with a good rinse down on a cool surface.  This will allow for less streaking of the product coming from the heat of the vehicle.  Ensure you separate your wash bucket for the tires and jeep body so that you aren't adding unwanted debris to your jeep's body.  Use 1oz of product for 1 gallon of water.  Start at the top and work your way down, pausing to rinse as you go so you can still see problem areas.  Once you feel your jeep is sufficiently clean rinse at least one more time to get any excess soap or debris off before drying.